Susan T. Avila

Matters of Dis-Ease

Artist Statement

exhibition review by James D. Watts, Jr.

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A Stitch in Time Arterial  Motive Emboli Atherial
Vascular Expression Exostent Critical Mass Post Op
Plaque Mystique You've Come a Long Way Baby Superwoman Syndrome Tag Cloud
Information Cloud v1.0 Information Cloud v1.1 Information Cloud v1.2 Healthy Advice: Sleep
Healthy Advice: Alcohol Healthy Advice: Relax Healthy Advice: Weight Healthy Advice: Teeth
Healthy Advice: Think Thought for Food Vol. I Thought for Food Vol. II Diet Spam
Subject: Diet Diet Diary Cloud Meditation 1 Cloud Meditation 2

Thank you to all the student interns from UC Davis who helped me in the studio including Rumiko Adame, Betty Chen, Douagee Cheng, Maria Duran-Rubio, Elizabeth Fries, Anna-Lucia Garibay, Christine Knobel, Stephani Pi, Lisa Romero, and Mai Vang. Mai Vang was also employed to wrap hangers and Natalie Lam to clean up the digital photographs I took of all the collected red dresses.

I also had the privilege to work with Karina Bergmans, a wonderful artist from Ottawa,Canada who also references health and the body in her work. Karina received a fellowship from the Canadian government to do a mentorship residency with me. She also documented the experience on her blog so if you want a behind the scenes look at my studio and the work in progress I suggest you click on the links below.
Karina's blog week one
Karina's blog week two
Karina's blog week three

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