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Susan T. Avila (USA) and Karina Bergmans (Canada) "Framing the Future"

Working with the theme of matrix as both a rectangular array of elements and an environment in which something develops, our project creates and transgresses a construction site. Textile frames draw attention to the plight of urban sprawl and comment on the need for vigilance towards preserving the natural environment.This outdoor installation was created on site at Moon Rain Centre for the Textile Arts in conjunction with the International Triennial of Textile Arts in the Outaouais - La Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles en Outaouais 2013 , August 16,2013 -- September 29, 2013.

View Karina's photo stream from the triennial.

Susan T. Avila (USA) and Rui Xu (China) "Connected by a Thread"

The garments in this collection were created for the UC Davis Design Museum exhibition, "Connected by a Thread," October 16, 2013 -- December 6, 2013. Susan T. Avila designed and created fabrics from recycled textiles and pre-consumer textile waste and then brought the fabrics to Beijing where she and Rui Xu examined and discussed how they could be incorporated into garments that conveyed an East/West sensibility. The resulting garments designed by Rui Xu speak to environmental differences between Northern California and Beijing. Click on any image to see more.
Falling with Rising Floating Inside the Stone of the Fruit Interpretation of Freud's Hongkong The Orchard
The Something by Passing Fish Left Red Street A Sketch of the Red Sleepwalking Quilt Wandering

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